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Safety & Security

Drones support public safety in more and more areas. They are an essential part of safety strategies for law enforcement, fire services, governments and companies.
Drones allow you to use cheap, easy to operate and analytically advanced remote sensing. This is in line with the technical objectives of the public security mission.

Drone applications in safety and security range from search-and-rescue (SAR), structure fires, HAZMAT response and forest fires to many other applications. Drones save lives at a lower cost than current standard practices. The reality proves this.



The benefits of drones for construction firms, contractors and architects are numerous. A strong ecosystem of developers and system integrators, among others, makes these unique drone solutions possible within the construction sector. Digitization and intelligent drone applications in turn ensure smoother project management and more possibilities for your teams.
Drones make data collection faster, easier and more cost-effective. They map large workplaces with flight planning and 3D modeling software. In this way, project teams can easily and quickly collect the necessary measurement data to evaluate large work locations.

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