The Professional Drone Federation Luxembourg is revolutionizing the drone industry in Luxembourg!

Mr. Maki, president of the federation, declares that the creation of this structure could professionally regulate this new emerging market in Luxembourg. And this while respecting European standards, in close collaboration with EASA and DAC.

He would also like to underline: “First of all, I am very honored to announce the opening of the FPDL. It is a great honor to be entrusted with the title of President.
I am delighted to be able to count on the company of the members of the board of directors to accomplish the missions of FPDL. So I would like to congratulate the founders and the board of directors, Mr. Hamid Firoozy, Mr. Aydin Ghadimi and Ms. Solmaz Jodairi Saber. ”

The mission of FPDL is to stay true to their commitments and execute their tasks which include the organization itself as well as providing support to pilots and all industry professionals of UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System), while respecting proper ethics and transparency.

It is important to point out that within the FPDL, all members working for the cause are equal.

Mr. Firoozy, vice-president, adds that the establishment of current and future regulations as well as the search for innovative solutions are among the primary objectives set by the FPDL.
Interaction with both commercial and private parties are also part of the priorities of this new federation, the goal being that in the future it can serve as a benchmark in the community.

Mr. Ghadimi and Ms. Jodairi Saber, members of the board of directors, underline the reality of an already daily use of drones in sectors as varied as construction, real estate, aviation, but also in the technology industries. and defense and many more. “The world is changing and it is our duty to support it in this change. Without forgetting that safety is paramount and must remain an essential mission for everyone. ” Ms. Jodairi Saber concluded.

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